The sandy beaches aren’t the only outdoor attraction on the island. See and experience nature at its finest at these stunning landscapes.

Neptune’s Caves
One of Alghero’s truly extraordinary sites, Neptune’s Caves have an estimated 2 million years of history. They’re a must-visit for adults and kids, who will enjoy exploring the network of caverns, subterranean lakes, and grottos filled with stalactites and stalagmites. Access the caves via boat or on foot - but please note that the stairways on the foot trail include over 600 steps in addition to jaw-dropping views!

Regional Natural Park of Porto Conte
Untouched and unfiltered, this massive ecological wonder offers a glimpse at Sardinia’s spectacular natural beauty. Lush green forests meet the azure sea, which are best enjoyed on the park’s many hiking trails. Marvel at plant and animal species that are only found here on the island and perhaps even spot a peregrine falcon or raven.

Gennargentu National Park
Located in the heart of Sardinia, this immense park features mountains, canyons, cliffs, and unparalleled views of the island. The park is a favorite of mountain bikers and trekkers, but even novice trekkers will enjoy the more accessible trails. The park also contains an impressive array of wildlife, including wild boars, weasels, salamanders, and spotted woodpeckers.